Gear the body’s metabolism towards energy and nurture muscles with Electrical Muscle Stimulation.


VIBES Super Trimmer Therapy is a holistic approach to creating a toned body. It is a combination of manual massage using specialized products and advanced appliances. The EMS 24 helps firm the skin, nurtures muscle toning, and builds up muscles during your weight loss, giving your body a trimmer and sharper look in just a few sessions.


Prepare for an approximately 1 ½ hour session to lose weight and get toned.

Are there any side effects?

Vibes Super Trimmer Therapy is a Simple, Safe, and non-invasive program for rapid weight loss.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is absolutely painless. Vibes instant weight loss technology helps in the removal of fat from the body.

What if I do not get results?

Though results vary from person to person, the results are assured and long-lasting if you follow the diet and activity advice of your counselor.

Do I need to follow a strict diet?

At Vibes, the diets are customized according to each individual’s body requirements. Hence, the diets are healthy and balanced.

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