Laser Hair Reduction refers to the procedure of reducing and removing unwanted hair. It is a common treatment that involves a concentrated beam of laser to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body.


During laser hair reduction, a laser sends light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The light then is converted into heat and works on damaging the hair follicles within the skin that produce hairs. The process then inhibits and delays future hair growth.


VIBES Laser Treatments are safe and can be used for treatment on all areas of the body except the immediate area around the eyes. Get desired smooth skin across large body areas such as legs, arms, chest, back, bikini line, face, upper lips, and chin.


Experience seamless cutting-edge laser technology to effortlessly remove those unwanted hair and enjoy precise accuracy and long-lasting quality only at VIBES.

Upper Lips Laser Hair Reduction

There is a list of painful and recurring options available for removing unwanted hair when it comes to upper lips, from waxing, shaving, threading, and even tweezing.


VIBES Laser Hair Reduction is a painless journey to get rid of those tiny and manly hair on the upper lips. The procedure involves focusing on targeted areas through laser beams and destroying the stem responsible for hair growth.


Experience permanent results and bid farewell to unwanted upper lip hair with a session taking just around 15 minutes.

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair can sometimes hide that beautiful skin behind it. Leave those painful waxing and high-risk razors to remove your unwanted facial hair because all that waxing is only making your facial skin saggy and those razors are giving your skin a rough treatment.


At VIBES we acknowledge your constant worries to remove and hide unwanted facial hair.


VIBES Facial Hair Removal is a painless laser treatment that carefully targets and demolish the hair follicles without damaging the skin in the surrounding.


Experience long-lasting results and say goodbye to unwanted facial hair in just a few sessions.

Beard Line Shaping

Beards are no longer just facial hair for men – they are a style statement that redefines a man’s appearance.


However maintaining a perfect beard demands dedication where one has to keep all tools, learn to shave for different requirements, remove beard hair that has reached to cheeks, and all that while keeping track of your beard line.


VIBES Beard Line Shaping is a laser treatment that permanently removes beard hair on the neck or upper cheeks to shape your beard just the way you want it to grow.


Say goodbye to razors and razor burns with VIBES laser hair removal and beard line shaping.

Under Arms Laser Hair Reduction

Underarms are one of the sensitive body areas that get prone to ingrown hair, cysts, and burns caused due to repeated shaving and waxing.


VIBES Under Arms Laser Hair Removal is a painless and long-term alternative to regular waxing and shaving. The procedure involves laser light to weaken and destroy hair follicles for up to several weeks, to delay future hair growth.


Say hello to effortless beauty and a confident you with VIBES Under Arms Laser Hair Removal.

Back and Chest Laser Hair Removal

Back and Chest Hair growth among men is common and the decision to groom it depends on varied reasons. While some men want to flaunt their bodies, some get their back and chest hair removed for hygiene purposes, to reduce sweat and body odor.


VIBES Back and Chest laser hair removal treatment focuses the laser beam to target areas and destroy hair follicles to eliminate the chances of hair growing back.


Whatever your reason may be to get rid of your Back and Chest hair, VIBES has tailored services to help you remove those unwanted hair permanently and pain-free.

Legs Laser Hair Removal

We all want that effortless beauty where we do not have to schedule time in our routine to wax or shave our legs only to wear a dress.


Get rid of the endless cycle of shaving and waxing with VIBES Legs Laser Hair Removal. Legs Laser Hair Removal is the easiest and painless way to say goodbye to your unwanted hair which has taken away your hundreds of hours.


VIBES Legs Laser Hair Removal is a laser energy treatment that works by destroying the hair at its root. Experience a permanent, cost-effective, and time-saving solution to get rid of those unwanted hair with VIBES.

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