When it comes to enhancing your desired figure, not everyone has the time and energy to take on the lengthy methods to reduce fat. What’s equally important is to partner and place trust in a cosmetic clinic that can understand your desires and value your individuality. At VIBES, we acknowledge how every individual is different and are committed to providing each patient with personalized results and catering to their unique needs and goals. 


Body Sculpting or Body Contouring is ideal for individuals who desire to get rid of stubborn fat pockets or in simple words, excess fat that resists getting reduced even by a strict diet and exercises. 


There are several sessions required for a non-surgical body sculpting procedure to make your body look more toned and batter-shaped. 

Why is Body Sculpting Used?

Body sculpting or Body Contouring helps one improve their body shape that cannot be changed through diet and exercise alone. When you are dealing with loose skin around your arms or tummy and when even after you have achieved your target weight, there are stubborn areas of body fat that just won’t reduce. 


This is where body sculpting comes to help.

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How Does Body Sculpting Treatment Work?

The body sculpting procedure works with two distinct approaches to help you achieve your desired physique. One method works by freezing fat cells to destroy and ultimately remove them. The second one relies on using heat and laser energies to reduce fat deposits in targetted areas. These treatments are both safe and effective to use on body areas like the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, love handles, chin, and neck to help you sculpt your body the way you want it. 

If you have been struggling to achieve a toned and shaped body, Body Sculpting is one transforming solution to help you achieve it with

– No Needles

– No Surgery

– No Pills

Providing you with the body you’ve been working towards for so long. 

Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

  1. Body Sculpting is safe and painless

Body Sculpting is a medical treatment that needs no risk of surgery or general anesthesia. 

The process of body sculpting treatments exposes your fat to such temperatures that the body does not go through any long pain both during the process and during recovery time. Above all you don’t need to give up on your regular activities as there are minimum to zero side effects, depending on the body type. 

  1. Body Sculpting addresses multiple problem areas

Body Sculpting treatments reduce fat that looks like natural results. Addressing multiple targeted areas like:

– Abdomen

– Chest/Breast

– Love handles

– Chin and Neck

– Inner and Outer Thighs

– Buttocks

– Arms

Each targeted area is covered in one session to give you the best-desired results instead of targeting them all together. 

  1. Body Sculpting Provides You Long Lasting Results

Body Sculpting works by destroying and removing fat cells in the targeted areas of the body. Those fat cells may never grow back if you never gain too much weight. Helping you maintain a healthy shape and healthy weight for the longest. 

  1. No Downtime Required

With Non-Surgical body sculpting treatments, you can literally expect minimal to zero downtime. You can smoothly carry on with your daily activities in a few days or sometimes maybe right away. The procedure is so easy that you can even get your treatment done during your lunch-time or evening break and get back to your regular schedule with zero delay. 

  1. Convenient Appointments

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting treatments at VIBES are available in the comfort of our clinics. You can make easy appointments through calls, websites, and even by visiting us with the convenience of your time and your schedule. At VIBES our treatments are incredibly convenient.

Body Sculpting takes time to dispose of the destroyed cells and uses your body’s natural waste removal processes to reduce fat cells. So there are chances that you notice results to start appearing in two to three weeks after your first session.

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